Single sourcing with HTML as primary docs.

Subject: Single sourcing with HTML as primary docs.
From: Ray <rchenier -at- SYNAPSE -dot- NET>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 20:34:52 -0400

Hi all:

There was a thread a while back about the writer with html as secondary
docs, but others were applying changes directly into the html. I forget
what the conclusion was, and it is because of this thread that I am
taking a chance and posting this here. I cannot think of a more informed
group for this topic.

This project involves 11 small manuals, all linked by toc and index.
They will be used via a browser on a Solaris network.

I have no problem with the html organization, but is there a feasible
tool to produce html docs that are then easily converted to word and/or
postscript? The customer is ms-word based. I have word 7 and pagemaker
6.01, and I am in a position to aquire other, more suitable tools.

Please email me directly and I will summarize, or to the list if you see


Raymond Chenier

ray -at- peac -dot- com
Technical Publications Manager.

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