Re: HTML books

Subject: Re: HTML books
From: Shmuel Ben-Artzi <sba -at- NETMEDIA -dot- NET -dot- IL>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 18:40:19 +0200

Hi Sigrid,

I'll post this to the list in case it might be of interest to others.

I think that the best compendium of HTML tags is Graham's "The HTML
Sourcebook" (Wiley). He fully explains each tag, does an in-depth treatment
of how different tags can be used in combination and makes liberal use of
code and screen-capture examples. He also includes a good treatment of URLs,
the HTTP protocol, platform-specific topics and both server- and client-side
CGI scripting (but it's not a CGI coding manual).

If the template/cut-and-paste method of Web page design interests you,
there's probably no better text than Horton's "The Web Page Design Cookbook"
(also by Wiley).

Good luck. It's a fascinating world.


Shmuel Ben-Artzi
Netanya, Israel
sba -at- netmedia -dot- net -dot- il
>I've been asked/volunteered to design the home page (and successive =
>"template" pages) for my company's intranet. I'd like to get two good =
>books on web design: one on web page design (web site design is a =
>secondary concern), and one to use as an HTML dictionary/reference.=20

>What do you recommend?=20

>Sigrid Schoepel
>sas -at- pentatechinc -dot- com

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