FW: FW: Page numbering for illustrations

Subject: FW: FW: Page numbering for illustrations
From: Misti Tucker <mdelaney -at- SOFTWARE-SERVICES -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 14:28:05 -0400

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>>1. Should each drawing page be counted in the page numbers? Since the
>>report will be printed double-sided, that means each drawing actually uses
>>up two page numbers.

>yes, and so, what's the problem in that?

>>2. Whether or not the drawing pages are numbered, should each drawing be
>>preceded by a page that contains only the drawing's caption (this caption
>>resembles the captions I use for other, smaller figures and drawings
>>embedded in the body of the text)?

>I do my best to fit the caption on the first page of the drawing, because my
>word processor can pick up captions for incusion in the table of contents.
>Sometimes this means a kludge, but it beats generating the toc by hand.

>>3. Or should I list the drawings on the text page that precedes the
>>drawings? The front matter does contain a list of figures, and the drawings
>>do show up there.

>If there are going to be more than 2 facing pages of pictures, yes, list them
>in a sidebar box on the last text page before the illustrations.

>>So how do you page number your full-page illustrations? Please reply
>>directly to me; if I get enough responses, I'll summarize to the list.
>My worst was one 6-page "sail chart". It was HUGE! We wound up shrinking it
>to unreadability for the page, and including a full-sized copy printed on (I
>think) D-size blueprint drafting paper, folded and inserted in the back of
>manual. Fortunately, this was a limited run, and for inhouse use only.

>Last time I went back to that client, I saw someone with that chart pinned up
>on his cubicle wall - not for the usefulness of it (it was included at the
>insistance of a Higher Up, and it wasn't very useful) but because it was
>pretty. I think I was complemented.


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