Why I lurk (WAS: TECHWR-L list management)

Subject: Why I lurk (WAS: TECHWR-L list management)
From: Heli Roosild <HeliR -at- MSMAILHQ -dot- NETIMAGE -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 15:03:00 PDT

Techwhirlers all--

Iain asks:

If there really are 2500 subscriber here, how about some of them
saying why they read but don't actively contribute? Are you happy
with your passive role, and content to get info this way, or do you
feel constrained by an unwelcoming atmosphere?

And I reply:

I have subscribed to TECHWR-L for 4-5 years. While I have contributed to
discussions in the past, I guess I'm a lurker now. Why? Not because I feel
intimidated, and not because of an unwelcoming atmosphere. Rather--

1.) I've been hard at work. I often don't have time to read messages, much
less write responses.

2.) By the time I do start writing my little tidbit, you folks have already
said it for me. And I don't see any point to me-too messages, even if I
might have some factoid to add.

3.) I've been on the list for 4-5 years. Many of the issues that engaged me
earlier are now settled and decided in my mind. I don't object to seeing
them reappear on the list; I just don't get excited enough about them to

Am I happy with my passive role? You betcha. The discussions on this list
keep me informed about the new and hot issues in our profession, usually
months before they appear in the assorted journals. Not to mention, that you
folks often anticipate my questions, and give me answers before I ask.

And now, back to my regularly scheduled happy, contented, and loyal lurking

helir -at- msmailhq -dot- netimage -dot- com

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