... vs. colon (Was Brit/US colon-vs-semicolon)

Subject: ... vs. colon (Was Brit/US colon-vs-semicolon)
From: John Trollope <John -dot- Trollope -at- TEAM17 -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 15:04:24 +0000

>In America, the semicolon is dead. The rules regarding its use still exist,
>but in practice a comma is substituted, as follows:

> ...;however, ....
>is changed to ...,however, ....

Actually, I think that the (semi-*) colon is dying and is being replaced by
three consecutive full-stops.
*in my company at least.

For example, I have seen this very often on my company's web pages and on
others as well:

Blah blah blah and here are the exciting features of this game...
a. it has this
b. it offers that. etc.

I feel that this is an attempt to make the text sound informal. Am I the
only one to notice this?


P.s. If punctuation is off-topic or has already been discussed, I'll stop
contributing to this thread.

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