Time, time,time....a follow-up

Subject: Time, time,time....a follow-up
From: Ron Sering CDS <ronser -at- NINJA -dot- CDS -dot- TEK -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 08:37:32 MST

Well, I didn't get a huge amount of response from my query about how much time TWs are spending on the job, which means either no one is working excessive hours or most people have no time to discuss it. But in general, the direction appears to be toward longer hours (45 hours plus), and in some cases excessively long hours (50 hours plus). Contract-ors seem to have a bit more control over their working hours, but only with careful time estimating and a hard-nose attitude. As for me, the Division Manager is trying to hire an assistant to take over the more mundane aspects of my duties, such as keying in edits, proofreading, etc. to allow me to juggle multiple projects, improve overall document quality, develop content in the manuals, things like that....

Longer hours may be a trend, but I think I can take some responsibility for estimating hours required for the documentation and lobby for realistic timelines so that it doesn't require superhuman efforts.

And I think I'm due a little comp time when this deliverable gets delivered....

--Ron Sering

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