Re: Attachments (getting off topic)

Subject: Re: Attachments (getting off topic)
From: David Jones <dvjones -at- KSBE -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 08:59:36 +0000

On 7 Nov 96 at 8:35, Eric Haddock wrote:
> But, from what I understand, knowledge of how to remove the .DAT
> file
> from messages is so arcane as to be known only by a few Tibetian
> monks, for none of the WinMail users I have corresponded with have
> said they've been able to figure out how to do it. :(

When I was on the WIN95 discussion list, there was a long discussion
about this. Before it degenerated into a flamefest between
W95/Exchange bigots and the rest of the Internet, it concluded with
the following (as near as I can remember, this was over a year ago):

1. If you have the list address in your Exchange addressbook, bring
up the properties for the list address. Uncheck the option to send
RTF (that's what's encoded in WINMAIL.DAT). This should keep Exchange
from sending the WINMAIL.DAT stuff when you post to the list.

2. If you're replying to someone who posted to the list who doesn't
use Exchange (probably 99% of Internet mail users), bring up the
properties for the recipient. Uncheck the option to send RTF. This
should keep Exchange from sending the recipient an unwanted RTF

3. Similar thing to do for anyone in your Address book who doesn't
use Exchange.

4. If you're still running the original MS Exchange that came with
W95, visit the MS web site ( and click your way to
where you can download the newest release. The newest release change
Exchange's default from *always* including RTF to *not* including
RTF. (Considering the long list of complaints people were posting
about Exchange back then, I hope the newer versions have fixed some
of the problems.)

5. It also pays to spot check other addresses, and (of course)
addresses in CC and other fields ...

More current information can probably be found in one or more of the
W95 FAQs or Web sites hanging around the Internet.

I just wish Exchange could be smart enough to read the mail header
that identifies the sender's email package, and only send RTF to
other Exchange users ...

David Jones, Technical Writer
dvjones -at- ksbe -dot- edu

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