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Subject: Killer -Reply -Reply
From: "Henry W. Meyerding" <hwm -at- HALCYON -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 10:26:40 -0800


>Melissa Hunter-Kilmer <mhunterk -at- bna -dot- com> wrote:

>This is why I use "abandon." It also means that we are in
>the middle of a process and are going to bail out ASAP even
>if that creates even more problems than we already had. And
>it doesn't bring up the specter of human abortion.

You ought to be careful abandoning your processes: you may end up
with orphanned processes. To me the abandonment of a person is
scant improvement on their death. I wonder that we don't discard
processes. I find it hard to conjure up a spectre much worse than
a garbage can for that word.

>I don't mind using "hit," but people who work with me prefer
>"press," so that's what I use, even though it seems overly
>dainty to me. I don't mind indulging their sensitivities.
>It would be nice if they would return the favor.

Perhaps you could consider "depressing" keys. This might get
you in trouble with your keys, if union; you might need to
offer remedial counseling.

I have often wished I had the freedom to pick the phraseology I
used as a technical writer. "Now, tender user, grab that taskbar
like a dog with a bone and worry it until it gives forth with the
required command." Perhaps that's a trifle too unregimented an
instruction for the average random user. Perhaps not.

>This is a free society and we can discuss anything we want
>-- except abortion. Somehow it is taboo.

Our free society constrains its responsible citizens to confine
their discourse (and thought) to topics that are not divisive.
God forbid that we should ever cause another person to delve
into their unexamined assumptions, lest we become enmired in
the same morass.

The ant, or so I am told, emits smells to communicate to its
brethren in the colony. However, if a paticular ant should give
rise to an aroma that departs from the common litany in the
slightest particle of scent, then it is eaten. How strange it
is that we modern homo americanae should share the egalitarian
behavior of the common ant.

How sad it is, too. Surely even the Holiest Roller among us
should ought to have convinced himself that the Almighty had
configured us for a greater destiny than this.

Die Gedenken macht Frei.

Henry W. Meyerding


Melissa, have you ever been introduced at a public function as:
Ms. Hunter-Killer?

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