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Subject: Re: Killer -Reply
From: Tracy Boyington <trlyboyi -at- GENESIS -dot- ODVTE -dot- STATE -dot- OK -dot- US>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 14:11:21 +0000

>I don't mind using "hit," but people who work with me prefer
>"press," so that's what I use, even though it seems overly
>dainty to me.

I like "press." I don't think it's too dainty -- you press a key, you
don't hit it. Of course, if you were writing for my in-laws in
Alabama, you'd say "mash."

Mash that button there for me, junior. Thanks.

I think the use of the word "abort" is acceptable because it's
what the user expects. "Abort" was a word long before we came up with
the term "abortion." If your user expects some other term, or
doesn't know to expect anything yet, then I'd pick something else if
"abort" really bothers you.

Actually, I'm waiting for "mutilate" to show up any day now:

Warning: Quark XPress is about to mutilate your file and you are
powerless to stop it. Click OK to continue

A little truth in error message writing...


Tracy Boyington trlyboyi -at- genesis -dot- odvte -dot- state -dot- ok -dot- us
Oklahoma Department of Vocational & Technical Education
Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA

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