Re: Killer and Word Hunt

Subject: Re: Killer and Word Hunt
From: Dan Glovier <dan -at- TSH -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 12:41:51 -0600

Tracy Boyington wrote:

To me, "abort" means that everything about the process will be
discarded -- it will be as if I never even attempted to start that
process. "Stop" means stop the process where it is right now, but
anything that has already been done is still done. But that's just
me. I'd like to see some studies done so we'll all know what to

I'd have to agree with Tracy. But then again, that's
me, and I've owned a Vic-20 (sp?), Atari 400, an Amiga 500,
and a couple of PCs. (Wow, that was cathartic!)

But we're not the issue. Or maybe we are. It depends on who
the audience is. If they have some computer experience (like we
do), you have to believe they are familiar with the "abort,
retry, fail" vernacular of the computer world. If they are seeing
it for the first time, then *maybe* you can justify choosing
a different set of terms. I would be very careful about getting
too cute or clever with the terminology.

"Abort" does, at times, remind me of the term "abortion." Does it
set me off? Nope. Does it send me into self-analysis about one
of the hot topics of our time? Nah. IMHO, I think this may be a
case of political correctness taken a step too far. These are adults
(I assume) who are/will be using our products. I think they can
handle it (I hope).

-Dan Glovier
dglovier -at- tsh -dot- com

P.S. Word Hunt Content: The band R.E.M. has an album out (came out
several years ago) called, you guessed it, _Eponymous_.

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