Re[2]: Tool? or no Tool.

Subject: Re[2]: Tool? or no Tool.
From: William Warner <Bill -dot- Warner -at- RELIASTAR -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 08:48:44 -0600

At ReliaStar Financial and its subsidiaries we have been using Blue
Sky Software's RoboHELP and WinHelp Office. We are all extremely pleased
with the features, functionality, stability, etc. of these products
(RoboHELP 3, RoboHELP 95 and 95A).

Just released one month ago is RoboHELP 4 and WinHelp Office Suite.
On November 1, I demonstrated these products at the Region 6 Conference of the
Society for Technical Communication (in St. Louis). Everyone there was very
excited about what this product can do. Without doubt, it is a quantum leap
beyond other products. WinHelp Office provides for highly efficient single
source creation of a help system, a printed manual, or an Web based HTML

The printed documentation and help system are well-done. Our technical
writers have found Blue Sky's technical support staff to be very helpful--via
voice, fax, or e-mail. For Web development, Blue Sky has the Web Office suite
of products. We highly recommend these products.

Bill Warner, Ph.D.
ReliaStar Financial
Minneapolis, MN
bwarner -at- reliastar -dot- com
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Subject: Re: Tool? or no Tool.
Date: 11/13/96 7:07 PM

I have been using Forehelp (latest version is 2.96 with a ForeHTML add-on)
and have been almost 100% pleased almost 100% of the time. I consider that
quite a good average for a software program.

It is very easy to learn, has sophisticated, state-of-the-art features, does
quite a spiffy job of converting your help file to HTML and back again, and
what else can I say? Oh, the tech support has been unbelievably helpful and

>Hi All:

>We have an online help system that was developed using Winhelp and no
>third party tool. I'm wondering, for those of you working with online
>help systems:

>-- did you use a tool?
>-- if so, which one?
>-- if not, how is your productivity level using just Winhelp?

>I would be interested in your experiences with the tool you are using or
>any input at all if you are working solely with Winhelp.

>Your responses are greatly appreciated,
>Cheryl D. Kidder
>Senior InformaTIon Developer
>Symix, inc.
>2800 corporate exchange drive
>columbus, oh 43231
>chekid -at- symix -dot- com

Deborah Meltzer
StarQuest Software, Inc.
email: deborah -at- starquest -dot- com
voice: 510/704-2554

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