Doc-To-Help inquiry

Subject: Doc-To-Help inquiry
From: Wanda_L_Hill -at- KPMG -dot- COM
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 08:13:45 -0500

Doc-To-Help Users,

I've started using D2H and encountered persistent problems with out of
memory (OOM)in the diagnostic stage and unresolved links (warning
4113)in the final compile. These main problems have popped up in two
unrelated compiles.

My manual has two main sections of ~500 pages which will eventually be
combined. The first section has 22 chapters, and OOM appears within
the first 6 to 8 chapters. I tried rearranging some of the chapters in
the organizer to try to confirm if the chapter was the problem. I'd
like to hear from users who have compiled successfully compiled large
documents. Did you encounter OOM? If so, what did you do to overcome

My manual allegedly doesn't have hypertext links, yet I've encountered
the "unresolved jump or popup" messages at the end of the compile
process for the tail end of one chapter and all of another. This feels
like a "stretched bookmark" syndrome, but there is no bookmark or
annotation for it. Furthermore, these chapters (tried doing a minidoc
compile of 3 chapters) sailed through each stage of the diagnostics
and reformatting without red flags. In the .hlp file, those headers
show up just like the other similar level headers, but clicking them
triggers a popup claiming there is no help for that topic. Any ideas
on what I've got or how to fix it?

Thanks for help.

Wanda Hill
Wanda_L_Hill -at- kpmg -dot- com

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