Re[2]: Frame Indexing

Subject: Re[2]: Frame Indexing
From: bkane -at- ARTISOFT -dot- COM
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 11:25:50 MTN

I beg to differ with these comments:

Although *creating* index markers in FrameMaker is relatively simple,
editing the resulting index can be frustrating. Frame (unless it has
changed in version 5) has no capability to display the text within
the marker in running text, nor can you edit a complete book index.
This means that although you find the errors in the final alphabetical
book index, you have to correct them chapter-by-chapter. A royal pain.

I have three years' experience creating and editing indexes in Frame docs,
and I think it's a great system! I quickly edit complete book indexes all
the time.
The hypertext links make it so easy to jump back to any marker and edit it.
With one click, the chapter the marker's in is automatically opened, and
you're right there in the marker text.
It's no pain at all, as long as other people don't have the chapters open
already, and the chapters aren't much bigger than 2,000K. It's a very
smooth process. If you want the editing process to go as fast as possible,
leave all the chapters open in the background (especially if they're over

My worst complaint is the bug wherein if you hit the delete key instead of
the backspace key in marker text, you lose all the marker text.

You have the option to search for markers or any string of marker text in
any chapter when you're trying to hunt down and update, for example, a
product name that has changed, instead of going back to each one by using
the hypertext links.
You can also spell-check indexes because you can change from Navigation
mode to standard (editing) mode with a 3-key combo (command option e).
Find a mistake and you can switch back to Navigation mode and go straight
to the marker to fix it.

I have Frame 5.1 on the Mac but the indexing features haven't changed much
from Frame 4. If you ever have any questions about indexing in Frame, feel
free to write me:
bkane -at- artisoft -dot- com

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