Re: Funky (bad) bullets from RoboHelp 95!

Subject: Re: Funky (bad) bullets from RoboHelp 95!
From: Kathleen Sinnott <71620 -dot- 1762 -at- COMPUSERVE -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 02:00:42 EST

>Robert Barlow-Busch asked:
>I'm hoping someone else on the list has encountered this; Blue Sky Software
>has no idea what to do. "It shouldn't happen!", tech support bashfully told
>I'm creating a Windows help file for use in a 3.1 environment. I'm
>authoring in Windows 95, using RoboHelp 95. The problem: when I run the
>help file on 3.1, all my bullets are tiny little lower-case "n"s. This
>doesn't happen when I run the file on a Windows 95 machine.
>Blue Sky has no idea what's causing it. From what we can both tell, all my
>software is configured properly. It seems to me that the problem is with
>the character sets used by 3.1 and 95.
>Before I seriously tackle this problem by experimenting with my bullets, I
>figured I'd see if anyone else has encountered it.

Are you using graphics or a font for the bullets? If it's a font, what font are
you using? The Help compiler does not handle all fonts well. You might try using
a different font (or using a graphic, instead).

Some other things to look for: did you get the following error? From the tech
notes: "2612 - Maximum of 5 font ranges exceeded." If so, it means: The maximum
number of font ranges that can be specified is five. The Help Compiler ignores
any additional ranges.

What version of the compiler are you using? From the tech notes: "The Windows
help compiler 3.0 does not support the Symbol font. (Problem ID: WIN9101004,
Microsoft Knowledge Base). The Symbol font problem was fixed in version 3.00b."

Let me know if these don't work and I'll check my project notes to see what
other solutions I found. (They're at work and I'm home or I'd check now! <g>)

P.S. I'm really surprised that tech support didn't tell you this already!

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