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Subject: Winter Calendar of Free Classes
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Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 08:29:52 EST5EDT

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I received this in a mailing. Perhaps some of you are interested in
HTML as I am.

Calendar of Winter 1997 Classes * Spectrum Virtual University

Enrollments are now being accepted for Winter classes at Spectrum
Virtual University. The Winter '96/97 Calendar (below) includes
some great new courses on Computers and the Internet, Web Page
design, creative writing, and psychology/self-help themes.

Winter classes are FREE to the public, thanks to the good will of
volunteer instructors and the generous sponsorship of SPRYNET,
<>, a leading Internet Service provider and
recipient of PC Magazine's prestigious "Editor's Choice Award"
for Best Internet Service Provider in a survey of leading ISP's.

To enroll for classes, visit our 24-hour Registration Desk at
<> or follow directions given
at the end of this message to register by e-mail.



* Exploring the Internet (811)

A fascinating glimpse into the history and explosive growth of
the Internet with lots of useful advice and pointers for those
who are just starting out. Weekly lessons explore how and why
things work as they do in cyberspace, how to choose a low-cost
service provider, using Internet tools such as e-mail, and how
to subscribe to Usenet newsgroups and listserv mailing lists.
This is one of our most popular offerings at the Virtual U!
Recommended for newbies and a good refresher for power users.

Instructor: Staff


* Surfing the Worldwide Web with Netscape Gold (818)

Finally, here is a workshop that provides easy, step-by-step
instructions on how to install and use Netscape's popular Web
browser, "Navigator 3.0." This series of weekly lessons will
guide students through the steps to install "Netscape Navigator
3.0" on their computer and will discuss helpful techniques on
basic operation, how to customize the browser software, and how
to install and use popular plug-ins. By the end of the course,
students will be expert Netscape Navigators and will be surfing
the Worldwide Web with confidence and ease!


* Building A "Home on the Web" for the HTML Challenged (821)

This "HTML for beginners" class is designed for the person with
absolutely NO experience in HTML or web page design. The goal
is to impart a simple, working knowledge of HTML tags and the
basic steps to put a home page up on the Worldwide Web.

Students will receive a syllabus, weekly lessons by e-mail, and
individual attention by e-mail as needed. In addition, weekly
IRC, or online "classroom" conferences will be offered if there
is a desire/demand for them.

Instructor: Jean Engel


* "Web Pages That Make A Difference" (825)

This eight-week class will be a cooperative learning experience
with a dual purpose: to provide an outlet for promotion of, a
home for, or to otherwise showcase a topic that is socially
relevant or makes a real contribution to the Virtual Community
or the world in general; and to expand upon students' knowledge
of HTML and web page design by working cooperatively to achieve
common goals. Active participation in the class is required,
as the instructors will not be handing out weekly lessons to
memorize but rather presenting an outline upon which members of
the class can build their own learning experience.

Course topics will include: Tables and Frames, Graphics, Sound
and Video, Java/Java Script, Imagemaps and Forms (both CGI and
non-CGI). Final Web pages will be evaluated critically for
compliance with the goals of the class (making a "contribution
to the Web") and adherence to HTML standards and design princi-
ples. A special "Web Award" will be given to the page that the
instructors feel best fulfills these goals. In addition, there
is a possibility of prizes being awarded to the creators of the
winning web site!

Prerequisites: This class requires a working knowledge of HTML.
Basics will NOT be covered (novices should enroll in Course 821
instead.) In addition, students must have regular access to the
Web, be willing to actively participate in the class, and be
committed to learning by working together.

Instructors: Jean Engel & J.L. Masters


* Fun Things To Do On The Net! (851)

At last, here's something fun and interesting to do with your
modem and browser ... take a guided tour of the Worldwide Web
and explore the outer limits of cyberspace! This class is
meant to be fun AND educational! Visit interesting, unusual,
and historic landmarks on the Internet, explore socially and
politically relevant web sites, the macabre and the frivolous.
Tap into real-time news and weather; sample the latest break-
throughs in 3D graphics and multimedia technology. Surf the
Web of!


* Worry Free IRC (861)

Have you ever wanted to participate in "real time" discussions
with instructors and other Virtual U students around the world?
"Worry Free IRC" is a special one-day "around the clock"
seminar that will be held during Orientation Week (the first
week of classes) and is open to all Virtual U students.

(The exciting news from the VU Campus is that real time confer-
encing and 24-hour classrooms will be a reality this Winter
using the popular medium of IRC, so all students are urged to
attend this free seminar!)

Classes will be led on a IRC adventure every 90 minutes! Stay
for an hour or two or stay for the day and learn all you want!
Workshops will be held around the clock for a 24 hour period so
that people in other time zones can participate. Those who
attend will be taught the basics of IRC and instructors will
then attempt to lead them out onto an IRC channel! Students
will also learn where and how to download free IRC software and
how to set it up on their computers.

Instructors: Jean Engel & J.L. Masters


* PC Basics: What to Do After You've Found The "ON" Switch (870)

You've got a computer on your desktop, a keyboard in front of
you, and you've found the ON switch ... Now what? "PC Basics"
will take beginners on a comprehensive guided tour of their
personal computer. What's a RAM chip? How does a modem work?
What about those cryptic error messages that pop up on your
screen? When is it time to upgrade and how do you go about it?
This workshop will explain what you've always wanted to know
about your computer -- and more!

Instructor: TBA


* Write On! New Adventures in Creative Writing (541)

Develop your creative writing abilities, sharpen your powers of
observation, and expand your vocabulary with this 8-week series
of self-guided exercises designed to fine-tune your creativity
and help you become a more powerful and eloquent communicator.
Recommended for beginning and intermediate writers as well as
those who aspire to write for publication. This is a repeat of
the popular course offered at the Virtual U last summer.

Instructor: TBA


* Writers' Roundtable (550)

Transform ideas into polished manuscripts and watch your words
come to life on paper (or on your computer screen), aided by
weekly conferences and roundtable style critiques and feedback
from class members. Students who enroll in this workshop must
be willing and able to actively participate in the class which
is an integral part of the Roundtable format.

Prerequisites: This workshop is designed for intermediate and
advanced journalism students who are serious about developing
creative writing skills and/or writing for publication. Those
wishing to enroll should have previously completed Course 541
("Eight Weeks to Creative Writing") and/or Course #545 ("Write
On! New Adventures in Creative Writing"). Students must be
able to devote 3-4 hours to weekly assignments and critiques.

Instructor: Richard De A'Morelli


* Beyond OK: Converting Crisis Into Creation (611)

Did you know that there is life after problems? That once you
find a solution, a new way of living, and you've put your life
back together after your old world has fallen apart, you still
need to build a whole new vision of what you want your life to
be like? "Without a conscious plan," explains instructor David
Durksen, "your life and affairs will slowly and inevitably
revert to the same old patterns and the same nagging problems.
To get out of the insanity -- the rut of doing the same thing
and expecting different results -- you must create new causes
that will bring to you the new effects you desire in life."

This workshop takes a look at life after "recovery" or "grief"
and explores the steps that are necessary to begin again and
get one's life back on a positive track after climbing out of
the swamp of inappropriate, compulsive, and self-destructive

Instructor: Rev. David Durksen


* Setting Your Lifelong Goals (615)

Setting short and long-term career and personal goals -- and
actually embarking on a course to achieve those goals -- is the
focus of this 8-week course. Topics will include how to become
a "Trend Watcher" and gain an advantage relative to identifying
early changes that will eventually cause major shifts in our
thinking and way of doing things; learning tools and techniques
to deal effectively with stress brought on by a major paradigm
shift; developing techniques that will enable participants to
continually enforce their strategic plan in daily activities;
and turning diversity into opportunity. At the conclusion of
the workshop, the successful participant will be able to pro-
gressively advance towards their worthy objectives and/or goals
with a positive attitude and a clear direction.

Instructor: Professor Dan Glover


* Loving & Caring for the Terminally Ill
* Native American Cultures & Spirituality
* Literature: The Classics of Shakespeare
* Introduction to Spanish I
* Coping with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
* Advanced HTML and Page Design
* Women & Addiction
* Technical Writing
* Introduction to Criminal Justice
* Basic Meditation Techniques
* Animal Wisdom
* General Semantics
* Principles of Stress Management
* Human Sexual Relations
* Detection of White Collar Crime
* Conflict Resolution


Via the Worldwide Web:
Point your browser at <>
and fill out the simple enrollment form.

By E-mail:
Write to Register -at- Horizons -dot- Org and in the body of the message on
three separate lines type: your name, your e-mail address, and
the 3-digit ID# of the class(es) you wish to take. For example:

John Q. Smith
smith -at- anywhere -dot- com
811 545


* Enrollment deadline is 9pm Friday, Jan. 10. Winter classes
begin Monday, January 13.

* Limit THREE COURSES per student.

* First come, first served. Some classes may have size limits
or prerequisites.

* Class schedules are subject to instructor availability and
may be canceled or rescheduled as necessary.

Please distribute copies of our Calendar to others. This notice
may be freely posted on bulletin boards or reprinted. To receive
future calendars and other campus bulletins, you can subscribe to
the "Virtual Spectrum" mailing list by sending a blank e-mail to:
Calendar -at- Horizons -dot- Org
Spectrum Virtual University
"Building a better world, a brighter future"
campus -at- horizons -dot- org FAX (818) 834-8221

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