Re: ramadan -- Pls. do not read if you were put off by previous mail on this subject.

Subject: Re: ramadan -- Pls. do not read if you were put off by previous mail on this subject.
From: Sabahat Ashraf <sabahat_ashraf -at- MENTORG -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 11:22:51 EST

I was promising not to speak on this topic on-list, and I hope I don't sound at
all fundamentalist.

On Jan 7, 1:53pm, Lisa Price wrote:
> Subject: Ramadan
> Just a note:
> Today's Wall Street Journal carried an article about calculating the
> start of the Holy Month. The article appeared on the front page.
> Eerie...

I dunno. Back in Pakistan, I always enjoyed reading of the exploits of the real
St. Nicholas round about the time of the birthday of the founder of that
country [Mr Jinnah's birthday, December 25, is a public holiday].

On Jan 7, 2:01pm, Eric Haddock wrote:
> Subject: Re: Ramadan
> What was eerie? That WSJ would put something relating to religion on the
front page or was the calculation itself eerie?

Good question. By the way, though the appearance of the new moon can be
calculated [and this calculation is used for calendar purposes in the Kingdom
of Saudi Arabia], most interpretations of the religion demand that the new moon
actually be *sighted* before you start [or stop] fasting -- or change the
month. Unless of course the month has run to 30 days, in which case you start
the next one. Which brings us to the next question:

On Jan 7, 6:10pm, Rosemarie Szostak wrote:
> Subject: Re: ramadan
> Geez, I thought this was a note on the SHEEP list!<g> When IS ramadan this
> year?

In the United States, either tomorrow or the day after [Thursday the 9th or
Friday the 10th of December]. I have an Aunt whose family just dispenses with
the whole discussion and follows the Kingdom's calendar, but personally I go
with the Islamic Council of North America [ICNA --].

And my apologies to Eric for a post quite a bit off the topic. I hope this mail
will put the Ramadan discussion to rest. All questions, comments, etc. should
be sent off-list to me [address below].

And one question on the topic: one of the manuals at my new job says, at one
point, "choosing selection devices" as a way of describing in one phrase all of
the following: clicking a radio button; clicking a toggle button; clicking an
action button and making a list selection. Could anyone suggest a replacement?

Thanks for your patience. And Peace, Salaam, Shalom to all of you.


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