Re: Knowing prog. lang. +s to a TW's $?

Subject: Re: Knowing prog. lang. +s to a TW's $?
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Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 11:08:52 -0700

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It definitely helps in my job. However my job differs from the
"average" TW job in that it is specifically an ENGINEERing position.

Programming is definitely part of the job. I regularly have to test
the syntax that I provide in my manuals, and this is best done with a
program. I also have to write tutorial information about programming,
with example being a big part of this.

On the subject of job titles:
I own the noteworthy title of Learning Products Engineer. To be that,
I must have an engineering degree (or a very significant amount of
related experience).

My department (Learning Products Department at Hewlett-Packard) has
these titles:

LPE (Learning Products Engineer):
a degreed Engineer, preferably EE. Job is to understand and create
content. Team management of individual documentation projects is
expected (about 3 people per team).

LPD (Learning Products Developer):
a non-degreed content creator, usually with some college. Expectations
of team management and performance is less than that for an LPE.

Graphics designer:
technical illustrator, frequently with no formal illustration
education. Does some content creation, but usually follows the team
leader's requests. Is now developing into web document creator (web
docs are based on the technical content from the paper).

Project specialist:
More than an administrative assistant, but performs many
assistant-type activities. Responsible for publishing the docs (paper
or web), and does final formatting and light editing (typos and such).

Technical editor:
edits all documents. Comments for style and technical content.
Primarily focuses on writing style and consistency. Also leads team
process development and monitors projects (some 40 projects are our
list). Was formerly a project specialist.

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