Subject: Re[2]: SERVICE MANUAL REVISION [Ref:C900631]
From: Tom Tomasovic <Tom -dot- Tomasovic -at- NA -dot- NWMARKETS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 19:11:45 +0000

Fred et al:

SAVEDATE may be useful, EXCEPT if you happen to
use Autosave or have an "unstable" environment and
like to save frequently to avoid disasters.

There is also a REVISIONNUMBER(?) field which
increments each time the file is saved.

It seems to me that any solution is going to
involve some "manual" labor, or it will not quite
be satisfactory.

Here's a cute one:

1. Create a file in which you maintain a
complete list of manuals and appropriate revision
dates. These can be in any format you wish (e.g.,

2. For each manual, create a bookmark which
includes the text of the revision date. (In the
doc, this will look like [10/02/97].) Whenever a
manual is updated, change the date within the
bookmark or recreate the bookmark.

3. Wherever you want the revision date to appear
in the original manual, insert an INCLUDETEXT
field, using revision date file and the bookmark
name as field switches.

As long as the fields in the manual file are
updated before printing, they will always have the
latest revision date.

A couple of added advantages:

1. You can use this for revision numbers,
titles, or any other type of information.

2. You can update the information in the
revision file from within the manual by changing
the information and pressing Ctrl+Shift+F7. (You
could probably prevent this from being done, if
necessary, by making the revision file read only
or protecting it for revisions, or by protecting
the manual file for revisions.)

3. You have created a source document with
information on a complete library of documents in
one place.

4. You can also use a spreadsheet (Excel works)
and create range names. The IT field will accept
this and include the text from the spreadsheet.

Good luck to all who try this. Please let me know
if you encounter any problems or if you think of
other ways to work with this.


Tom <<Tom -dot- Tomasovic -at- na -dot- nwmarkets -dot- com>>

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within this message is solely the opinion of the
writer (me). The people at NatWest have little
control over how I express myself, and they should
not be held responsible for anything I say
(unless, of course, I express it as a corporate

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Subject: Re: SERVICE MANUAL REVISION [Ref:C900631]
Author: INTERNET TECHWR-L -at- LISTSERV -dot- OKSTATE -dot- EDU at Multimessage
Date: 1/22/97 5:19 PM

Another potentially useful approach is to insert the date using the
SAVEDATE field code (which only changes when you save the file)
rather than the plain vanilla DATE field code or the PRINTDATE code
(which is kind of dangerous to use unless you're in the middle of a
particularly active review cycle).

Fred Ridder
ridderf -at- dialogic -dot- com

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