Too many tables in documentation

Subject: Too many tables in documentation
From: Steven Jong <SteveJong -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 12:11:29 -0500

Heidi Margenau <Heidi_Margenau/USG -at- USGROUP -dot- COM> wrote to ask about the
problem of too many tables cluttering up her product manual. I had this
discussion just yesterday (and got to her January 30 posting today.

It seems to me that in trying to include both procedural information on how
to use a window or form and tables describing each field, you are mixing
together task-based and reference documentation. The problem with this
approach is that the two are best aimed at different audiences and
situations; combined, they get in each others' way.

To me, task-based documentation (think of it as a precursor to minimalist
documentation) tells you how to accomplish a task. That's all. Reference
documentation describes the characteristics of a product or product element.
The audience for task-based documentation is trying to accomplish something;
the audience for reference documentation is trying to discover or learn

Given those definitions, trying to mix the two forms together simply makes
for a hodgepodge suitable for neither. I would suggest separating the two:
put your procedures together in the beginning of the document, and the
reference tables at the end. Better yet, put the tables online, as part of
help, perhaps with context-sensitive addressing (point to the field and click
to get a description). That way the document remains short, and the detailed
information is readily available.

Mixing the two together ignores task-based documentation, which came before
minimalist documentation. It's just such an Eighties approach! 8^)

-- Steve (trying to embrace the Nineties before it's too late)

Steven Jong, Documentation Group Leader ("Typo? What tpyo?")
Lightbridge, Inc, 281 Winter St., Waltham, MA 02154 USA
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