Longitude Works (was Re: .pdf or .html?)

Subject: Longitude Works (was Re: .pdf or .html?)
From: Michael Piellusch <mpiel -at- ISI -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 1997 10:53:29 -0800

Dear Penguin Pal,

Kudos for admitting an "error" so readily and publicly, but I suggest that
we analyze your geographical advantage.

Latitude and longitude are coordinates that we use on two-dimensional (2D)
surfaces to describe our three-dimensional (3D) global village. A 2D map
or chart (technically known as a mercator projection) is very useful for
small area navigation. Other projections such as great circles (gnomonic
projections) follow circular paths across our small planet. These projections
are especially useful for long distance navigation such as air plane travel
(the best way to fly).

In short, I suggest you point your gyroscope or vantage point toward 140 degrees
east of Greenwich (longitude 140E), travel along a great circle to Jayapura for
some hot (or iced) java, and then continue along your path to Tokyo for a
virtual vacation without latitude.


P.S. When you are in Tokyo, you might get a good price on some fried rice!
In other words, what is intuitive or familiar to one, might be foreign or
recycled to another.

P.P.S Keep sending those great post toasties!

> Subject: Re: .pdf or .html?
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> yup-error here! i am toasty (a term used here in antarctica to define
> just how fried you are by the end of the season due to the long work
> weeks and environment). tropics are defined by latitude. it must be that
> i am truly upside down here today.
> graci,
> laura

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