Re: You're Wrong! It's this way!

Subject: Re: You're Wrong! It's this way!
From: TIMMERMAN <timmerma -at- IPDLINK -dot- IPD -dot- ANL -dot- GOV>
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 08:59:35 CST

If you have been following this thread, you have read the replies to
the list. I have received a few private replies and have included all
of them (pro and con) here, in no particular order. I have edited
these replies to the extent of removing only the information that does
not directly apply to my original post. Use the information as you
will. My original post is the last item in this list.


Don Timmerman, dtimmerman -at- anl -dot- gov

"If you don't have fun at work, don't go to work." D. Timmerman
"Don't return my favor. Pass it on." D. Timmerman
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Reply 1: I do agree w/ you that it's pretty nasty to correct goofs on
the list--unless it's part of one of the ongoing jihads (experience/
degree, Brit/Am punctuation, 1/2 spaces, etc.). Then just about
anything (unfortunately) is fair game.

Reply 2: I do agree with Mr. Timmerman. The tone of the list is
critical and condescending. I have been a technical writer for 17
years but only joined the list recently. I am reluctant to post
anything because I fully expect a harsh reply. The position of
technical writer should not excuse bad manners.

Reply 3: Very chivalrous of you, but I suspect that anyone who pulls
a gig in ____________ can take care of herself/himself. And she/he did
in her/his very own post.

Reply 4: Thank you for sending this reminder out. I am a
brand new subscriber, and seeing mail that criticizes
people for little mistakes is discouraging me from
contributing to any of these discussions. Furthermore,
I am a wanna-be tech writer, so I'm even less inclined
to jump in for the fear of writing something technically

Original Post: I just read a reply to a message that politely, but
publicly, pointed out that the original sender had made a mistake in
terminology. I'm sure many of us saw the mistake, understood the
meaning, and forgot about the mistake. I guess the nature of our
profession turns us into very critical people. However, I remember
from my years as a teacher that you should praise in public and punish
in private. If this same philosophy were to be used on this list, the
last part of that statement would read, "... correct in private."
Have you ever wondered why so few people out of the 2400+ that
subscribe to this list ever post anything? Have you noticed a
significant drop in the number of posting to this list in the last
several months? I have, and I'll do my best to remember and practice
this philosophy.

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