Re: Subject: Mobility in Tw

Subject: Re: Subject: Mobility in Tw
From: PATRICIA JAMES <jp4900 -at- JUNO -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 08:32:37 EST

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My thoughts on question 2 --
I hope that in assuming that most people in a profession come from a
particular background (middle-class) you don't forget that, at least in
the U.S., it has been quite normal in the last 40-50 years for people
from lower class economic backgrounds to aspire to and achieve success
well beyond that of their parents. To assume that someone's current
economic status is a reflection of their parents' profession and income
is far from foolproof in a free society where economic class is so fluid.
Overall, generational advancement is the American way (and not all that
radical), and I believe it would hold true for TW, medicine, law, etc.
Perhaps your friend needed to change her definition of success from
vertical to lateral, or define success in other than economic terms.
Maybe she should have just started her own company :)

2. Has any study been conducted to uncover the predominant backgrounds
people entering Tw? Since it is basically a profession that rests in the
middle-class economic bracket, I would assume that those in the
predominantly hail from middle-class backgrounds. As evidenced by my
conversation, I believe that our parents' professions and incomes can
as gauges for our own attempts at success (barring the radical individual
attempts to exceed or fall short of those expectations).

JP4900 -at- JUNO -dot- COM (P. James)

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