Re: Platform of choice (very long) or, I Hate Holy Wars

Subject: Re: Platform of choice (very long) or, I Hate Holy Wars
From: Bill Bledsoe <Bill -dot- Bledsoe -at- CMS-STL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 09:39:59 -0600


Again I am amazed at the amount of misinformation <like Arlen caught
here> that goes on in these "holy wars." IBM and Motorola not making
the PowerPC chip anymore? Geez... what's Ford going to do now that
their main supplier of control chips for their cars is going to quit
making their most used chip... hmmm...

See... this is why I don't like these darned things <browser/platform
holy wars>... for every ounce of valid infomration you get... you have
to rummage through about 10 pounds of garbage...

Want to catch up on your techinical side> Visit some of the trade rags
<,,,,, etc.>

You'll get more accurate information there than most of us can give in
this type of discussion here. Even with Arlen's "catch" taken in
stride... :-) they're still better at providing more accurate
features-specs information than we are in a lot of cases

Arlen -dot- P -dot- Walker -at- JCI -dot- COM wrote:
> There are many good, factual reasons for choosing one system over another.
> But there were a couple of whoppers which appeared recently which roused me
> to take issue with them.
> Motorola and IBM no longer going to produce PowerPC chips.
> This, I'm sure, comes as a big surprise to Motorola at the very least, who
> is making a ton of money producing those very chips, with confirmed orders
> amounting to at least seven figures (in units, not dollars). BTW, look
> under the hood of your car. You stand a good (and the odds continue to
> improve) chance of finding one there.
> Computer chip news doesn't get reported well. I remember a story not too
> long ago in Information Week. The story was about how both IBM and Motorola
> were having little luck convincing anyone to buy their systems with Windows
> NT pre-installed (95+% of their customers were wanting either the MacOS or
> one of several Unix variants) so they decided they would no longer offer
> Windows NT as an option for their customers, due to this lack of demand.
> The Microsoft spokesman quoted in the story said that NT for the PowerPC
> would still be available from them (MS) for those customers who wanted to
> run it. The story's headline? "PowerPC loses NT support." I wonder if the
> headline writer actually *read* the story???
> Microsoft declining to port Windows NT to the Mac.

Again... they are SELLING PowerPC machines with WinNT 4 on them RIGHT
NOW... Pick up a trade rag...
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