Re: Platform of choice

Subject: Re: Platform of choice
From: Bill Bledsoe <Bill -dot- Bledsoe -at- CMS-STL -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 15:54:17 -0600

Wing, Michael J wrote:
> >Mike, List,
> >
> >give it a rest please! ;-<
> >
> >Carry this on off-list some place... the os wars... the browser wars...
> >it is not TECHWR-L material... isn't there an unmoderated list some
> >place you can fight this out on...
> >
> >By the way... when loading up the guns for a war about OS' and techie
> >stuff... don't get your facts "wrong" OLE did what you claimed only
> >Active X brought to MS Windows apps... and it did it before VBA.
> Give a rest? Not yet. This has been the most interesting conversation
> I've seen on this list in a couple of months (warmed-over or not). I've
> learned more about the advantages/disadvantages of platforms and their
> effects on Tech Writing technology in a couple of hours than I've
> learned in years. The tracing of who started windows has been
> fascinating. It may not be nouns and verbs, but even a carpenter will
> discuss, compare, and argue his/her tools.
> I've also heard from people who didn't realize that they could run one
> package from within another (which proved my previous guess on Frame as
> incorrect). As a result of the "hashing out" in this forum, they have
> newly-discovered techniques at their disposal.
> Personally, I've never claimed that Microsoft was first, just first with
> an effective marketing approach. My part in the 'holy war' is in
> response to what was a venting of a personal dislike of MS guised as an
> answer to a public question. The venting implied that anyone using MS
> uses it because they have to or that they are mindless sheep. I
> responded with a venting in favor of MS software. Please don't tell me
> that venting is only allowed if it is anti-MicroSoft.
> Mike Wing
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Welp... if no one else out there cares... then war-on!!! Personally...
I've got to get back to work...

Mike, point well taken about the venting. By the way... nice site ;-)

Sabahat's comments taken on this end of the wire....

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