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Subject: Re: Resumes
From: "Jean A. Pratt" <JPRATT -at- ID2 -dot- USU -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1997 10:49:10 MST7MDT

Whoa Geoff! (Spraying down those flames.)

Tim did say that he was taking a radical stance, so that was an
indicator to me to take what I needed and consider the rest.

I thought he made a good point. Networking is important - do it.
People entering the field really need to become involved in the
professional organizations and get to know the other professionals
and companies.

I don't think this needs to be a dichotomy: resume's or networking.
I'd say go ahead and submit a resume' - most people are comfortable
with receiving them. I require a resume' before I interview someone
for a position with our research group because I'm hiring Masters and
Doctoral students and I need to know what skills they can add to
ours. Besides, there are so many talented people in our field that I
do not even presume to know them all. Take me, for instance, I think
I'm talented, and Tim Alton doesn't know me from Eve.

But "of even more importance" (using Tim's transition), the job
applicant better be doing something in their slice of this field and
know what others are doing. Actually, we all need to do this just to
stay on top of this quickly changing field.

As Tim said:

<< snip >>

I want people that I can't say no to. I can say no to a resume
without a backward glance. I get lots of 'em. Most writers don't even
follow them up with phone calls. I have a lot of trouble saying no
to somebody who's taken the trouble to find out what companies like
mine are doing and needing and then contrives to prove to me that she
can supply them. It's also very, very hard to say no to somebody
who's volunteered at the STC chapter, written newsletter articles,
and done other things to maintain visibility and give back to others.

<< end snip>>

Also, as a side note, if you regularly monitor Tim Alton's posts I
think you will find that he does not generally come across as being
pompous or self-righteous, but very helpful.

Well, flame me if you like. That's my .02 cents worth.

Jean A. Pratt

Jean A. Pratt
Project Manager
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Dept. of Instructional Technology
Utah State University
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