Re: No Smokers Wanted in Houston (was: Tech Writers Wanted..

Subject: Re: No Smokers Wanted in Houston (was: Tech Writers Wanted..
From: Lars Bradley <lars -at- PHOENIX -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 1997 19:37:18 -0800

Flanders, Melanie wrote:
> The last requirement was:
> > Must be a non-smoker.
> >Is this requirement enforceable? I live in
> >California and find this requirement
> >strange. For one thing, it has been illegal
> >to smoke in the workplace for quite a while
> >now.
> I used to work for the employer for whom Deborah was posting.
> I was told that the insurance carrier that they use requires that ALL employees
> be nonsmokers to get the rates that they do. In the employment agreement that
> you sign, you must certify that you are a nonsmoker. The agreement further
> states that if you are caught smoking anywhere (including a public place), it is
> grounds for termination. I used to wonder whether the company could install
> hidden cameras in your house to see whether you smoked at home--shades of Big
> Brother? Your spouse can smoke. I don't know whether anyone has tested the
> policy in the courts.
> Smoke-free environments are still relatively new in Texas. At least with a
> policy like Deborah's employer, you don't have to smell smoke walking into the
> building, either. Where I work now, if the smokers are taking a smoke break,
> they're all at the ashtray near the door. You either make sure you don't inhale
> as you go through the door, or else you just breathe in some pretty concentrated
> secondhand smoke.
This episodes reminds me about an employee that signed an agreement with
the company, and then after work wento to a bar have a few and decided
to smoke. Well, someone saw this individual smoking and then next day
the person was terminated. Guess what! This individual called the news
media to "flame" a little bit and afterall, he was reinstated.
It's a bunch of bull! People go get a drink during lunch break and come
back to work and no problem!
I'm a smoker and believe me "I won't quit because some SOB company
decides not to hire me because I smoke!" Thank god that I'm self
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