Teach someone a bit of Latin

Subject: Teach someone a bit of Latin
From: Paul Branchaud <paul -at- VEDGE -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 1997 15:29:42 -0500

Given the random Latin posts, I figured everyone would get a decent
chuckle out of this.

BTW, my favorite Latin expression is painted on the chin of my goalie
mask: Carpe Disculum--Seize the Puck! :)

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The Top 15 Latin Phrases for the 90's

15> "Log floggit cum palma folliculus."
-- (If you don't stop it, you'll go blind.)

14> "Nolo Contendere." -- (Hillary, you're on your own.)

13> "Domino vobiscum." -- (The pizza guy's here.)

12> "Dumbassus! Hottie iste transvestitus!"
-- (Fool! That gorgeous woman is a crossdresser!)

11> "Auda similarum ad seattles."
-- (They all sound just like Pearl Jam.)

10> "Erectionus finalum."
-- (Anna Nicole Smith is here, Gramps.)

9> "Boobi falsetti starrius."
-- (Sugar, if ya wanna be a star, you're gonna have to do
something about that bustline.)

8> "Veni, veni, veni!" -- (I came, I came, I came!)

7> "Sharpei diem." -- (Sieze the Wrinkle Dog.)

6> "Nucleo predicus dispella conducticus."
-- (Remove foil before microwaving.)

5> "Motorolus interruptus."
-- (Hold on, I'm going into a tunnel.)

4> "Il guyus nissanem iste ickye."
-- (That Nissan guy gives me the creeps.)

3> "Bodicus mutilatimus, unemploymi forevercus."
-- (Better take the nose ring out before the job interview.)

2> "Dictum ad tua mater." -- (Word to your mother!)

and the Number 1 Latin Phrase for the 90's...

1> "Minutus cantorum, minutus balorum,
minutus carborata descendum pantorum."
-- (A little song, a little dance,
a little seltzer down your pants.)

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