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Subject: Re: Hot Topics
From: Robert Plamondon <robert -at- PLAMONDON -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 07:43:59 PST

Tim Alton writes:

>All of this has a germ of truth, but remember that truth is only a second
>cousin to relevancy. My request didn't ask how we as a profession should
>deal with new buzz-ideas, but how to build interesting meetings. Different
>thing entirely.

True enough. At a meeting, you want to give 'em a show. A whiz-bang
presentation, a hands-on demonstration, whatever -- but a show nonetheless.

The point of putting on a show is that it makes tangible the subject
matter being covered. One can argue that the subject matter itself
doesn't have to be earth-shaking (in fact, a nuts-and-bolts approach
works very well). So I'll veer back on-topic and suggest some meeting

* Why you should link on-line help to the "real" documentation, and how
to do it.

* Three top headhunters discuss today's market.

* Here are demo systems with (pick one): big monitors, fast processors,
all the RAM in the universe, high-end DTP -- and an ordinary system
as a control. Try them out and tell us what you think.

* Bring the Book that Influenced Your Writing the Most.

* Retirement account? What retirement account? An investment broker
explains how rich you ought to be.

* Three top headhunters explain what you should do to get a promotion
and a raise without changing companies.

* Indexing for beginners, and where to find the pros.

* Methodical copyeditors discuss copyediting methodology.

* Proven stress-reduction techniques: Six ways to keep yourself
from turning into an axe murderer (you can probably get a speaker
from a health plan to cover this, or do a round-table discussion
with the members).

And so on. You need never run out of relevant topics. Mix up the
meetings in which material is presented by an outsider with panel or
round-table discussions and hands-on demonstrations. Some topics are
easier to find speakers for than others, which will affect the mix
to some exent.

-- Robert
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