Newbie file & networking

Subject: Newbie file & networking
From: Melissa Hunter-Kilmer <mhunterk -at- BNA -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 16:56:34 EST

When this list works, it *really* works. I've
gotten 45 requests for the newbie file
(c:\ark\alice) in a day and a half and I'm sure
more will come in. Last time I posted about the
availability of this file, 33 requests came in. The
list can be a powerful tool.

While I'm on the subject, I have a request for
those of you who have received the file. Please
give me feedback on it! If you feel a certain idea
will work or has worked for you, great -- let me
know. If you think an idea is wacko, let me know
about that, too. You'll notice that the file has
some feedback in it already. This helps to make
it better -- and it also makes me happy. Think of
it as the price of the file. (How much is a
manual worth, BTW? -- Oh, sorry, wrong thread.)

This goes for all networking, BTW. I cannot count
the number of times I have given informational
interviews to people I don't know well -- fellow
alums, children of friends, etc. I always ask them
to get back in touch and let me know how they've
been doing. I have heard from one (1) so far.

Getting in touch with me again is my stated
networking price. Yes, I network out of the
goodness of my heart and because I enjoy it --
but darn it, I'd enjoy it a lot more if I
actually heard from the interviewees again!

So keep in mind that you newbies do have something
to offer to those who listen to you, give you
hints, give you contacts, etc. You don't have to
write an exhaustive letter. Just drop us a line
saying briefly how you're doing -- whether you got
a job or not. I doubt I am the only networker who
would enjoy hearing from job-seekers again.

Now I really *am* going to lurk for a while. No,
honest, this time I mean it.

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speak for me.

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