Re: indefensive word clarification [middling long]

Subject: Re: indefensive word clarification [middling long]
From: Scott Herron <sherr19 -at- IDT -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 09:41:17 -0400

From: David Rapport <dave -at- NETMEDIA -dot- NET -dot- IL>

> In this morning's digest (while I was still digesting my corn flakes) I was
> surprised to read the following:

> > Use ZOOM in Pageview to see two pages at a time, and you CAN'T see
> > facing pages together [even # on the left, yeah?]. I can't think of any
> > reason I'd _want_ to see two pages at a time other than to see the
> > layout of the "spread," and here they've fixed it so that you see pages
> > 1 & 2, 3 & 4, and so on [odd # on the left].

> I think oversight is only on the part of the poster. I don't know what
> Herron says about that.

Herron says, "I'm perfectly well aware of Print Preview, but that's not
what I'm after."

Perhaps I should have written more clearly. I bought a WYSIWYG "word
processor," so I expect to be able to see what I get _while_ I'm_
processing_ words_ [writing/ editing / formatting].

For my purposes, using print preview is like looking at the x-rays after
sowing up the patient, or maybe like checking my plumb line after the
mortar has dried.

EXAMPLE 00: Suppose you have about 1 and 1/3 pages worth of text and
graphics that should be on a single spread, and want to see exactly
where to put the manual pagebreak for best readability.

EXAMPLE 01: Suppose you have about 6 1/2 pages worth of text and
graphics to fit into 8 pages, and there are a few good places in text to
put page breaks and many bad. You want to see the spreads and edit the
page breaks, maybe even shorten up a sentence or two, or resize a screen
shot for best readability.

EXAMPLE 10: Suppose you have two graphics, one on each page, that make
up a system overview flow chart that runs across the gutter. It's a real
bear lining up those two half- graphics when you can't see them.

EXAMPLE 11: Suppose you have a graphic on one page and a description on
the facing page; you want the two aligned properly.

Since they can allow us to view back to back pages together, in "edit
mode," it would be just as easy for them to allow us to view them the
sensible way. WYSIWYG, hah!

It's like Heisenberg Uncertainty: You can SEE and you can GET, but not
at the same time.

Vacating for the remains of the day,

Scott Herron | sherr19 -at- idt -dot- net

O wad sum pow'r the gifty gie us,
to see oursels' as others see us.

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