RSI - Handeze gloves

Subject: RSI - Handeze gloves
From: Roz Ault - User Support Technology - ext 377 <AULT -at- FAXON -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 13:27:46 -0400

I'm coming back to the list after some time away, so
my apologies if this was mentioned before.

In the context of the discussion on RSI and carpal
tunnel, I wanted to suggest that any sufferers check
out the Handeze gloves, from the Dome corporation. I
was having wrist and arm pain a few years ago, and
found these gloves very helpful. I learned about
them from Adam Engst's TidBITS mailing list, an
email newsletter for Mac users. (Excerpt and
reference below.)

Another thing that has helped me (but I think this
only works on a Mac) is to use both a mouse and a
trackball. I put the mouse on the right of the
keyboard and the trackball on the left. This allows
me to switch back and forth and avoid wear and tear
on only one hand. I also have one of the buttons on
my Kensington TurboMouse trackball programmed for
the Return key, to avoid what was for me a common repetitive
motion between the trackball and the keyboard.

Handeze gloves article, from TidBITS 199/25-Oct-1993
To read the full text go to and search on GLOVES

... As many of you know, I suffer from a mild case of
carpal tunnel syndrome....[S]ome people have
wondered how I managed to write a book without
seriously damaging my hands. It's a good question,
and in fact, I can say that my pain level has
declined since I started the final chunks of the
book after Macworld Boston. How? The Handeze gloves.

These $20 finger-less gloves are made from stretch
Lycra subjected to a special process called
"Med-A-Likra" that expands the individual fibers in
a thread, thus reducing the space between threads
and working better to hold body heat. The cuffs are
double-layer Lycra and help keep the hand in a
neutral position while allowing flexibility, unlike
wrist braces. The strangest part of the gloves is
that they only have four holes for the fingers - the
middle finger and ring finger share an opening. I
don't know the rationale for that design....

The New England Therapeutic Research Group designed
the gloves to help relieve pain in three specific
ways - by providing warmth, support, and massage. I
have poor circulation in my hands and feet so
they're frequently cold. The gloves help warm my
hands, although my fingers still get somewhat cold.
The support makes sense - the gloves are
form-fitting down to the Lycra cuffs, so you have to
order the right size for your hands. In theory, the
Lycra material massages your hands, although I'm not
so sure about that. I suppose that the stretchy
Lycra pulls on different parts of your hand as you
move your fingers, so I guess that could count as

I don't even play a doctor on the nets, but here's
my devil's advocate analysis of those claims. As far
as I'm aware, much current medical thought indicates
that cold is better than heat for helping healing,
no matter how much better heat may feel temporarily.
Support too is nice, especially the way the gloves
encourage your hands to remain in a neutral
position, but compression could reduce blood flow to
the hands, and blood flow is necessary to promote
healing. Finally although there's seldom a problem
with massage, it isn't obvious how the gloves manage
to massage your hands.

In the final evaluation, I can't say precisely why
they work, although I can tell you that I seldom
even touch the keyboard without them, and I like
wearing them driving as well. They're cheap at about
$20, and even if they don't work for you (I have no
idea what the necessary variable for success might
be), if you're experiencing hand and wrist pain, I
think it's worth trying the Handeze gloves. As soon
as you compare that $20 with the cost of disability,
physical therapy, or even surgery, it shrinks
rapidly. Do note that wearing the gloves doesn't
allow you to otherwise abuse your body by not taking
breaks or working in a destructive position,
ergonomically speaking. ...

Dome -- 800/432-4352

- Roz Ault
ault -at- faxon -dot- com

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