FW: more on cp, wrist/arm problems...

Subject: FW: more on cp, wrist/arm problems...
From: "Wyrwas, Kathleen A" <Kathleen -dot- Wyrwas -at- UNISYS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 13:59:39 -0400

I'm on digest form, so I'm not sure what's been said so far today
(Tuesday) on this topic.

My problem seemed to have STARTED when I got my Microsoft Natural
Keyboard. That was almost 2 years ago, while I was still in IT-land.
(But I did mostly writing anyway.) Within a couple months, my left
wrist started acting up. No pain, no numbness, but a loss of strength.
I didn't have the muscle strength to grasp anything with my left hand.
This came and went for a couple months. Now my wrist likes to "pop"
every couple days, kind of like cracking your knuckles. In the last
week or so, the need to "pop" has also moved into the middle of my
hand!! Could these things be signs of CTS or RSI? I know, I know, I
should really see a doctor. And I've been thinking "chiropractor",
since they like to "pop" joints anyway (but the "correct" way, they

I've read all the comments this week on wrist pain in your mousing hand.
But does anyone have a problem with their clicking finger? I have a
Microsoft kidney-bean mouse, which is definitely more comfortable to
use. (Except for left-handers of course, but that's another
discussion!) But regardless, after a day of clicking, dragging,
marking-and-bounding, my index finger is SORE and markedly puffed up
compared to my non-mousing hand. Some days I try to use my middle
finger to click instead, but that's sore now too. I've tried Ben-Gay
and Triflora to relieve the pain, but there's got to be something
better! Like preventing the problem in the first place!

I'm going to re-read the last couple days' worth of comments on
exercises and alternative devices to get some ideas. I was very
surprised (although I guess I shouldn't have been) to read how many of
you have already found alternative devices! I guess this goes with the

kathleen -dot- wyrwas -at- unisys -dot- com
Plymouth, MI


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