Re: Legacy help projects and job openings

Subject: Re: Legacy help projects and job openings
From: "Cramer, Kim" <kcramer -at- NCSLINK -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 11:19:00 -0700

Julie Tholen asked several WINHELP related questions:
> 1. There are some .bmp are lost and/or link is broken. I have gone
> through the Project Setup and re-selected the .bmp files and I still get
> the same errors. Do I need to go into my .doc and replace the button
> indicators?

I would try that to see if it worked. Have you tried opening the
bitmaps in a graphics program to be sure the files aren't corrupt?

> 2. We have three products which use the same network management tool.
> The tool is smart enough to know which product it is on and pulls the
> appropriate interface .bmp. My help system(s) have to service all three
> products. I would like to have one help system, and three .bmp files
> that reflect the appropriate product.
> Once you get pass the interface .bmp, the functionality of the
> management system doesn't change, but the graphics need to. Any
> suggestions? Should I just scrap that idea and
> build three separate help systems? The products are upgraded
> independently of each other.

Here's my idea if the text content of the Help will truly be the same in
all three versions: Create three bitmap folders, each containing the
graphics specific to one version of the interface. Use the same names
for the graphics that will display in the same place in the Help; in
other words, each folder will have graphics named bitmap01.bmp,
bitmap02.bmp, and so on. Then use project setup to point to the correct
bitmap folder for the version you want to compile. If you keep all the
names the same, you shouldn't have to edit the Help source files at all.
I haven't actually tried this myself, but in theory it should work!

Alexia's idea of sharing source files between projects is a good one if
some text is the same between versions and some is different.

Kim Cramer
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Sr. Information Developer
NCS Education, Mesa AZ

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