Re: WORD97: is it worth upgrading?

Subject: Re: WORD97: is it worth upgrading?
From: JIMCHEVAL -at- AOL -dot- COM
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 11:07:47 -0400

In a message dated 97-08-29 06:40:56 EDT,
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<< I am particularly concerned about having to convert my macros>>
You should be. I believe Word 95 was already converting them to Visual Basic
(not sure - I skipped that step). Supposedly they convert cleanly, but (oh
surprise) certain things don't. There's a table of equivalences between Word
Basic and Visual Basic in Help, but at times the fundamental structure of
Visual Basic is so radically different from Word Basic that you're still

I'm an ex-programmer myself. But I'm floored that they expect a simple word
processing user to plunge into an object-oriented language.

<<- is this something I'm going to have to face up to eventually anyway?>>
Oh yeah.

<< The help says the spellchecker is better. Is it?>>
Versus Word 6, you've got this handy feature that automatically puts red
squiggles under misspelled words and green ones under dubious grammatical
constructions. Yeah, it's handy. Chomps up memory, though.

<< Is Mr Animated Paperclip, using IntelliSense(tm) natural language of any
interest to advanced users?>>
He's damn good company when nights are late and writers are lonely.
The natural language is word match roulette. Sometimes it comes in
surprisingly close. Sometimes you end up straining your mind trying to
figure how the algorithim thought you wanted THAT.

<< Any functional advantages to the new macro language? >>
Well, if you can master the fundamental approach of Visual Basic, it's far
more generalized than straight application-bound macros. Basically, you'll
have learned to program.

Jim Chevallier
Los Angeles
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