FrameMaker => Acrobat Books (long)

Subject: FrameMaker => Acrobat Books (long)
From: Stuart Burnfield <slb -at- FS -dot- COM -dot- AU>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 09:19:38 +0800

Here is the list of references on publishing with PDF/Acrobat. Note
that these books are all pre-Frame 5.5, which has just been released
and now has Acrobat Exchange bundled with it, so they may well be
slightly out-of-date. But maybe that means you can pick them up cheap.

BTW I saw the Frame 5.5 roadshow here last week. The new PDF and HTML
export features look very impressive.

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Here's the list, as published on the Framers list by Hedley Finger:

> Question: What good books can anyone recommend that will help in the
> conversion and (electronic) publishing task, particularly linking the
> GUI to the PDF files?

RELEVANT BOOK TITLES (in betalphical order, not order of merit)

Thanks to Loren Needles for being both smarter and more
energetic than me and conducting a search of!

Classroom in a Book: Adobe Acrobat 3
ISBN: 1-56830-365-3, US$40, 312 pages, CD included (W|M)

Acrobat 3 for MacIntosh and Windows
(Visual Quickstart Guide Series); Ted Alspach; Paperback; $15.26;

Acrobat by Example;
Dawn Erdos, Ann Aubrey; Paperback; $22.46

Adobe Acrobat 3.0 for Dummies;
Bill Harrell; Paperback; $17.99
[PUHLEEZ! I am smart, computers and software are dumb!]

Beyond Paper: The Official Guide to Adobe Acrobat;
Patrick Ames; Paperback; $15.26

Classroom in a Book, Adobe Acrobat 3.0;
Adobe Press; Paperback; $36.00

Designing Interactive Documents With Adobe Acrobat Pro;
John Deep, Peter Holfelder; Paperback; $31.46

From Paper to Web : How to Make Information Instantly Accessible;
Tony McKinley; Paperback; $40.50

Internet Publishing With Adobe Acrobat:
A Comprehensive Reference for Creating and
Integrating Pdf Files With Html on the Internet or Intranets;
Gordon Kent; Paperback; $36.00

PDF Printing and Publishing: The Next Revolution After Gutenberg
Frank Romano, Mattias Anderson, William Eisley, Amie Howard,
Mark Witkowski, ISBN 0-941845-22-2, $US27.95,
Micro Publishing Press (310)212-5802

Postscript & Acrobat/Pdf :
Applications, Troubleshooting, and Cross-Platform Publishing;
Thomas Merz; Hardcover; $69.50

Web Publishing With Adobe Acrobat and Pdf;
Bruce Page, Diana Holm; Paperback; $35.96


**** Kyle Murphy <kyle -at- murphy -dot- net> comments:

The first, which I think is the one you would be looking for is the
famous Classroom in book series...thus far I think it is the best of the
series in dealing with any of the Adobe products that it has covered
thus far...I have used the product since its inception and I still
learned quite a bit...

The second book is considered the Acrobat/Postcript bible to all the
techheads out in our vecinity...its a book titled Postscript &
Acrobat/PDF Applications, Troubleshooting, and cross platform
Publishing by Thomas Merz...goes into IN DEPTH detail of how all these
systems work and any problem you might ever have is definitely covered
in this book...a little expensive but WELL worth it (just in case the
ISBN code is 3-540-60854-0)

**** Loren Needles <lrn -at- analytica -dot- com> recommends ...

Internet Publishing with Acrobat by Gorden Kent is worth a free
looksee. Its a $36 US book that is instead "free" on the internet
(as the ultimate example of itself) at:

**** Rose Britton <Rosetech -at- worldnet -dot- att -dot- net> recommends ...

Internet Publishing With Adobe Acrobat, Gordon Kent

Best tip I can offer is to be sure you're writing your .ps files to
the very latest and greatest printer driver, which is NOT automatically
installed with the Windows version of acrobat. Kent has a pretty good
description of how to set up WATCHED folders, which allow you to set
different parameters -- for instance, optimizing one group of files for
good graphics, another for efficient storage -- for the files printed
to each of the WATCHED folders.

[This has come up as an issue on framers and pdf-l: for Macintosh,
download PSprinter 8.3.1 plus a bunch of PPD files from]

**** Derinda Gaumond <derindag -at- pubright -dot- com> recommends ...

PDF Printing and Publishing: The Next Revolution After Gutenberg
Frank Romano, Mattias Anderson, William Eisley, Amie Howard,
Mark Witkowski


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