FrameMaker - Save As doesn't work

Subject: FrameMaker - Save As doesn't work
From: Holly Turner <hturner -at- HARBINGER -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 09:33:41 -0400

Occasionally, when I use FrameMaker, the Save As command stops working.
(When I select Save As from the File menu, absolutely nothing happens.)
I use FrameMaker 5.5 on Windows 95.

FrameMaker tells me that the cause is my misconfigured video driver.
I'm not buying that just yet. They say that no one else has mentioned
this problem, but I know at least one other person that has had this

Anyone else?

Holly Turner
Technical Writer
Harbinger Corp.

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>Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 1997 9:19 AM
>To: Holly Turner
>Cc: wlewis -at- Adobe -dot- COM
>Subject: RE: Case 725986/Save As-Broke
> Holly,
> Sounds like it could be a display issue. I would try this
> scenario again in "safe mode". If you are not familiar with
> this I will explain. Reboot your computer. -As soon- as you
> see the "loading Windows 95" banner display strike your
> function key F8. At that point you will get some menu options.
> Choose "safe mode". This mode in windows 95 bypasses the
> current video driver and allows to hopefully pinpoint a
> problem with your video driver. This mode is the equivalent
> to Win 3.1 VGA versus SVGA. If you no longer have the problem
> with the -save as- not working then the problem hinges on
> your video driver. You then need to contact the manufacturer
> of your video card and ask for the most recent video driver.
> I hope this helps.
> Sincerely,
> Bill Lewis

Answers to your questions are below.

>From: wlewis -at- Adobe -dot- COM[SMTP:wlewis -at- Adobe -dot- COM]
>Sent: Tuesday, October 07, 1997 2:11 PM
>To: Holly Turner
>Cc: wlewis -at- Adobe -dot- COM
>Subject: Case 725986/Save As-Broke
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>You wrote:
>The "save as" command does not work on occasion. I have not been able
>to determine what causes it not to work.
>Just thought I would let you know.
>Do you mean the "save as" option is grayed out or it does not save
>the file out to a different name?
The Save As options is not grayed out. It looks normal. When I open
the file menu and then click Save As, nothing happens. The Save As
dialog box doesn't appear, nothing happens.
>We have not had any reports of "save as" not working in 5.5. You could
>be having system resource problems - ie running low on disk space.
I have over 1 gig of free space on the hard drive. I have 32 meg of
>Are you saving to floppy, hard or network drives?
Local hard drive.
> Make sure you have
>enough room/permission for saving to whichever medium you choose.
>You may also want to check under -file-, -preferences- and check your
>cross platform file naming.
I am on Windows 95, which is indicated in the cross platform naming.
> Some Novell networks are not yet up to
>speed with the long file names/paths allowed in Windows 95. If you
>are on Novell this could be a problem-so try Windows 3.1. If you are
>not on Novell make sure you have selected Windows 95.
I'm a little disturbed that no one else has mentioned this. I just
asked my coworker who recently upgraded to 5.5 and she said that it
happens to her, too. We both have to completely shut down and then
restart FrameMaker to resolve the problem. It's a big pain. She said
that it happened to her in 5.1 as well (I never noticed it in 5.1).
Maybe no one has said anything to you because the problem does not
display an error message. I knew to send my first set of problems to
this e-mail address because an error message popped up with your
address. Nothing happens with the Save As bug.
>If you have further questions regarding this issue, please contact me
>directly at wlewis -at- adobe -dot- com -dot- Please continue to use
>comments -at- frame -dot- com with future questions or comments.
>Bill Lewis
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