Do you have an event that we should know about?

Subject: Do you have an event that we should know about?
From: John Posada <john -at- TDANDW -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 12:51:10 -0400

Hey, guys..."The Contractor's Site" has added a new section.

I'm told that there are about 2500 technical writing professionals
reading this list in some way, shape or form. I'm sure that a number of
you are aware of events going on that would be of interest to your

I've placed a new section of the site called "Events". Pretty catchy,
huh? The direct URL of this page is

There are very few ground rules; only three

1) The event must be of interest to either technical writers or
2) I have the right to not place it if I don't think it is appropriate.
3) I will not answer any questions about the event, so have a contact
name and maybe a backup on the page.
4) I will not edit the contents, so spell check your work before you
send it to me.

The goal of the catagory is to have a place where visitors to my site
can see what is going on in their field. I don't care where in the
country (or world) it is, whether it is a free event or an event that
requires a fee or registration. I don't care how long the announcement
is since EACH EVENT WILL GET IT'S OWN PAGE (however, each event is
limited to what can fit on one page - let's not get carried away, OK, or
see rule #2).

You can have as many links as you want to additional information on the
page about the event, I might even be able to place an online
registration form on the page for you that will email the entries
directly to you (we'll need to talk about this and there MAY be a small
development fee for this form. However, if I do, you will be able to
have attendees register online.)

This is NO COST (and no catch) to anyone for this service and they will
stay online until the end of the month that they take place...I'll just
delete the calendar table for that month.

To submit it to me, you can either send me an email with the information
( mailto:john -at- tdandw -dot- com )and I'll do my best to make it look "pretty"
or you can send me a file in any version of Word and I'll convert it to
html. I may create an online form that you can fill out, but don't hold
your breath. I may also be able to handle other formats.

Please feel free to pass this on to your event planner or anyone else
that may have an event to announce (Association meeting, conferences,
seminars, etc.) My goal is to have an event listed for every day of the

I will do my best to have it on the site within 48 hours after I receive
it, but as much notice as possible would be appreciated.

Please feel free to forward this message to anyone that you believe may
have something going on of interest to our community.

John Posada
Technical Communications
mailto:john -at- tdandw -dot- com
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