QUERY: FWD: Web/HTML Consulting Rates

Subject: QUERY: FWD: Web/HTML Consulting Rates
From: "Eric J. Ray" <ejray -at- RAYCOMM -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 09:47:31 -0600

Forwarded anonymously on request. Please respond to the
list--not just to me. Thanks! Eric


I have recently been asked to do some contract HTML for a firm in Tulsa.
I am interested in accepting this work but am at a loss as to what a
fair rate would be. The job will be contracted on an hourly basis. I
will be able to accept or decline projects as I like, but the workload
can't be predicted (so it may be feast of famine). I will work offsite
and will be responsible for all taxes, overhead, and Social Security

The job entails doing straight HTML on existing content and may
occasionally involve some Java, Active X, SQL, or ASP work. How would
rates for straight HTML code differ from work that includes Java, Active
X, SQL, or ASP? I will occasionally get to collaborate on design (though
the look and feel of the site will already be established in most
cases). How will this affect the rate?

Also, if anyone has a standard contract they would be willing to share,
I would very much appreciate it. Contracting is a new venture for me but
is definitely something I want to do; I'm just not sure where to start.
Any advice and help is appreciated.

Because I will not be doing any original writing, I am not interested in
contract fees for TW. (But I posted this to the list because I think
it's relevant to other TWs. I have a BA and MA in TW and am doing Web
work. I'm sure others are too.)

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