Re: USAGE: "Therefore" and "thus"

Subject: Re: USAGE: "Therefore" and "thus"
From: Roger Williams <Roger -dot- Williams -at- GTNET -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 10:21:22 GMT

> From: Stephen Forrest <techwriter -at- IBM -dot- NET>
> At 05:39 PM 10/27/97 GMT, Len Olszewski wrote:
> >In article <8525653D -dot- 005E0C54 -dot- 00 -at- web_srv -dot- coreco -dot- com>, Emru Townsend
> ><emru -at- CORECO -dot- COM> writes:
> >|>... my question: in many of the documents, I see gleeful overuse of
> >|> "therefore" and "thus."
> >|>
> >|> I'm currently looking for
> >|> ways around these terms, but most of the time, I'm stumped. The words
> >|> accurately convey the intended meaning, but they just seem wrong.
> >
> >For example, the passage:
> >
> >"Objects you write cannot be instantiated or executed without CREATE and
> >RUN methods. Therefore, CREATE and RUN methods providing the correct
> >functionality must be developed."
> >
> > a candidate for rewriting, and here's one possible solution:
> >
> >"When you write your own object, your CREATE method must create the
> >record and catalog entry neccessary to define an application. Your RUN
> >method must recognize and correctly interpret the values of instance
> >variables it finds in the catalog entry for your application."
> >
> Sorry, but I think the first paragraph is much better. The second makes my
> eyes glaze over.

What would be wrong with:

You must CREATE and RUN methods with the correct functionality so that users can
instantiate and execute your objects.

Then (bullet)? list the functionality required.

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