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Subject: Re: Word - HTMl
From: Betty Keddy <bkeddy -at- MC -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 11:21:05 -0500


In my previous job, one of the software engineers demonstrated Microsoft's indexing tool (I've forgotten the name of it). He pointed the tool to the directory that contained all the files for a large API reference manual I had created with Word (consisting of a dozen files). I believe the tool converted the documents to HTML. Using the Netscape browser to demonstrate the indexing tool, he was then able to enter search terms in a field similar to the way you would use AltaVista or another search engine on the web. The tool returned all the hits for the search term. For example, he entered a function name, and it returned all the occurrences of that function name within the manual. I had been thinking of converting all my files to HTML so that the developers could search for function definitions via their Netscape browsers, but then I realized that the indexing tool was all they really needed. You may have other demands that require converting your documents, but for some purposes, the indexing tool may be adequate. I changed jobs and never used that tool myself, but I'm sure Microsoft can provide more information if you are interested. I'm using FrameMaker in my new position and the tool only works with Microsoft products.

Betty Keddy

Walker, Arlen P wrote:

> I've been trying to think of a way or write a programme that
> will search a specific folder for MS Word documents then convert them
> to HTML format and add links onto a certain page.
>I've done part of this in AppleScript, but you don't mention what platform
>you're running, so I don't know if it'll help you. (The part I've done is
>collecting all the documents in a folder and turning them into HTML. I use
>it for automatically updating a searchable website. Contributors drop files
>into a networked folder, and a script runs hourly to pick up the files, add
>some HTML to them, and put them in the proper place to be indexed the next
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