Re: Entry-level requirements

Subject: Re: Entry-level requirements
From: Tracy Boyington <tracy_boyington -at- OKVOTECH -dot- ORG>
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 13:31:33 -0600

> At 01:55 PM 10/28/97 -0500, Mark Baker wrote:
> >In my experience, the degrees which correlate well to success as a tech
> >writer are history, theology, psychology, and sociology. Those which
> >correlate least are English and technical writing.
> ^^^^^^^
> I guess I've been a failure for the past 16 years.
> --Wayne

Me too. Well, not for 16 years.

I have to wonder at the logic of automatically throwing someone in the
reject pile simply because they chose to learn to be a technical writer.
I'm interested in lots of things, and it would have been silly for me to
attempt to get degrees in all of them. Or to narrow my scope by only
picking one of them. If I were following Mark's advice, I would have to
get a medical degree because of my interest in medicine, a degree in
history because of my interest in history, degrees in criminology and
forensics and religion and art and music and... you get the idea. Or get
a degree in one of my interests and abandon the rest. Neither is an
acceptable option. And I already owe enough in student loans! ;-)

I can't imagine why you think someone has no interest in things around
them simply because they have a degree in tech writing. Did you only
learn what what was presented to you in college? Did you search high and
low for electives within your major so you wouldn't have to mess with
any new subject areas? Did you stop learning and exploring and growing
when you graduated? I didn't.

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