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Subject: Info Design/Graphic Lists
From: Karen Schriver <ks0e+ -at- ANDREW -dot- CMU -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 12:22:56 -0500

On Nov. 30 Jessica Shultz asked about visual placement of graphics.

> Subject: Visual Placement
> I am a graduate student at Brigham Young University and have narrowed my
> thesis topic to the ethics of visual placement.I have been reading
Karen Schriver's textbook, Dynamics of Document Design, and her section
on the Gestalt Principles have been of great benefit. I have also read
articles by Charles Kostelnick and Sam Dragga regarding visual placement
and ethics, respectively. I am now looking at various articles about
ethics and visual placement. Unfortunately, I have not been able to read
them all.
> To make a long email short, I am curious to know if anyone on this list is
> also researching a similar topic or if anyone would know of other good
> sources for ethics and visual placement in document design.
> I have written a draft of a paper on this topic using Schriver,
Dragga, and Kostelnick, but it only covers the principles of visual
placement with a
> little bit of ethical information. So, basically, I am stuck.
Several people asked me about the answer I gave to her on Dec. 1 in
which I copied a post of a recent book from the Infodesign mailing list.
Questions were about how to subscribe to the Info-design list. That
answer was given in part by Marilyn O'Leary on Dec. 2. She mentioned the
info-design mailing list and STC's info-design SIG mailing list. In
addition to these two, you might consider subscribing to the Infodesign
Cafe and the InfoGraphics lists. Here is a summary of the subscription
info for all 4:

1. InfoDesign forum: a moderated list

To (un)subscribe, send e-mail to: majordomo -at- wins -dot- uva -dot- nl
saying: (un)subscribe InfoDesign

Archives of InfoDesign messages:

2. InfoDesign cafe: an unmoderated list. This one most traffic but still

very low (e.g., 1 message a day if that) and is currently the most
lively of the 4 lists

InfoDesign-Cafe archive:

3. InfoGraphics: moderated (focus on diagrams and visualization)

majordomo -at- wins -dot- uva -dot- nl saying (un)subscribe InfoGraphics -at- wins -dot- uva -dot- nl

InfoGraphics archive:

4. STC InfoDesign: unmoderated (but you should belong to STC)

SEND a message to majordomo -at- stc -dot- org and in the body enter: SUBSCRIBE
stcidsig-l<your e-mail address>.

Hope this is useful to those who asked about info design/graphic lists.

karen schriver
KSA, Document Design and Research, or

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