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I agree with a message someone just posted. This is an intern position. It is super-entry level. For this level of responsibility, it's an appropriate offer. "Here, Bill, go through these 4,000 pages of document and find all instances where the telephone area code says 908 and change it to 732."

Consider the circumstances of the person for this position. Still in school, maybe in the last year a degree, needs work experience to complete the degree. They probably aren't "living" on this position. Maybe they are still living at school or living at home. Anyway, they are already supporting themselves or are being supported. Their friends may be working in a grocery store earning $6per hour.

John Posada

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What do you guys think of this one??? Another offering $10 an hour???
Who can live on that??

> Dr. Katz:
> I work at Seer Technologies, Inc. as a technical writer. Seer is a
> software development company.
> We are in need of two interns to help out with documentation
> development, both hardcopy and soft.
> For information about Seer:
> The hours: 20 per week
> The pay: $10 hour
> Perhaps you could post this on the listserve? Potential candidates may
> contact me:
> Carrie Finneran 461-2736
> carrief -at- springfield -dot- seer -dot- com
> or
> Lisa Marino 319-2472
> lmarino -at- springfield -dot- seer -dot- com
> Thanks a lot!
> Carrie
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