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Subject: Re: Attitude Adjustment necessary <deep breath required>
From: "P.A. Gantt" <pagantt -at- POSTOFFICE -dot- WORLDNET -dot- ATT -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 14:17:52 -0500

Self correction and some HR books...

to get you started if you would like
to know more about hiring, "fit," and
retention of good employees.

Speeeelllling error (mine):
perspective not prospective <oops>
given the usage.

Books recommended by one of the
top consultants in my field of
Human Resource Development ->

Training, HRM, Instructional Design,
Tech. Ed., Tech Writing, Communication, etc.


Permission to quote was requested and given.

"RIGHT PERSON-RIGHT JOB; GUESS OR KNOW, The Breakthrough Technologies
of Performance Information" by Chuck Russell. Mr. Russell defines job fit
as "the degree to which the candidate?s cognitive abilities, interests, and
personality dynamics fit those required by the position."


"Soar with your Strengths", by Donald O. Clifton & Paula Nelson A Dell
Trade Paperback, 1992, 193 pages paperback. The authors point out the
futility of trying to make our employees, our loved one, etc., into
something they are not. Why do we try so hard to make a rabbit swim,
when we know very well they do not like being in the water? It speaks more
the needs of the trainer than to the needs of the rabbit. The same
applies to managers when they try to force fit an employee into a job.


"The Peter Principle; why things always go wrong" by Dr. Laurence J.
Peter and Raymond Hull, William Morrow & Company, Inc., New York, 1969, 179
pages in paperback. The Peter Principle: In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends

to Rise to His Level of Incompetence. The author provides an insightful
analysis of why so many positions in so many organizations seem to be
populated by employees who exhibit signs of incompetence. A most
disturbing concept since we all tend to all rise to our own level of
This concept is likely to be ignored by most senior managers and
consultants since to admit it is to admit that we may also be at our own
Level incompetence. Ignorance is bliss?



P.A. Gantt
<mailto:pagantt -at- bigfoot -dot- com>
Electronic Media Design and Support
M.S., HRD, The University of Tennessee


"Sometimes, the most difficult things to learn
are the least complicated." -- Anonymous, or

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