Re: FWD: Problems with Hiring, Equity

Subject: Re: FWD: Problems with Hiring, Equity
From: John Posada <john -at- TDANDW -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 13:48:39 -0500

I responded to this a little while ago with a flip answer that perhaps
needs more explaination.

In real life (barring the influence of unions, negotiated contracts,
legal guidelines more appro to EEO, etc.) a company has the right to pay
on a person-to-person basis whatever they believe is in their best
interest at the time.

In periods of glut, they can pay less than their existing resources and
I've never seen anyone say "Gee, you paid them less to start than I
started with, so it's OK to take some $$ away so we are equal." On the
otherhand, in today's environment where there is such a shortage of
qualified writers (and regardless of your opinion of the person's
skills, 3 years qualifies as qualified), you have to pay what is needed
to get the resources needed to make deadlines. I get 3-4 calls per day
BEGGING for leads for experienced writers.

You cannot fault the new person for getting more money. Everyone should
be able to get what they would like "and what I always want is "more"."

On the other hand, you don't mention the reason for bringing in the new
person...was there a deadline that had to be met regardless of the cost?
Was there a particular skill that needed to be brought in that maybe you
had but didn't let them know and the other person did?

> of pay negotiations. These are now due and no mention has been made yet by either party.

Well, why haven't you REMINDED them?
> He is currently waiting to see what happens - he cannot really leave until

If you wait to see what happens, NOTHING will happen. However, they
made an implied deal that it would be sorted out in the next round. Have
you reminded them of this? If you don't care, they won't.

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