Re: Problems with hiring, Equity

Subject: Re: Problems with hiring, Equity
From: Christopher Carmichael <chrisc -at- SYNERGYMICRO -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 10:54:10 -0800

<<Original thread had this:>>

>>>> the existing writer then found out that the newbie was on a higher
>> salary.

And 10:22 am -0800 02.03.1998, barry kieffer made a good point!

> What one employee earns has nothing to do with what another
>employee earns.

Plus, it could break privacy laws -- at least in sue-happy california.

Barry also stated the obvious:

> you do not restructure the pay scale of an entire
>department every time you hire.
> Of course, this is all in my not so humble opinion. :-)

I echo that. Salary is a personal thing -- and should be between the
employee and the employer. I never, ever, discuss salary, wages, or other
sensitive items at work or with co-workers.

not the views of my company, just me.
<<bad grammer and spelling just to remind you that I'm human>>

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