Re: FWD: Problems with Hiring, Equity

Subject: Re: FWD: Problems with Hiring, Equity
From: Hillary Jones <hillary -at- NICHIMEN -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 11:05:02 -0800

I went through this angst a while back when we hired another writer. It
suddenly occurred to me to wonder how much she was offered, and about
five Laverne-and-Shirley-ish schemes popped into my mind as to how I
could find out. But I talked with some friends, and they all agreed on
this point:

It's none of your business how much money another employee is making.
You will be much happier -- and it will be much easier for you to work
with the new person -- if you don't know whether the newbie is making
more money than you or not!

For Anonymous it's too late to return to ignorance, but he/she should
just try not to worry about it anymore, and the next time salary
negotiations come around, try to negotiate a better wage for him/herself
(and I'll bet complaining that so-and-so makes X amount isn't going to
influence the higher-ups to give him/her a big raise).


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