Re: FWD: Problems with Hiring, Equity

Subject: Re: FWD: Problems with Hiring, Equity
From: Chris Hamilton <chamilton -at- GR -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 13:16:44 -0600

Joe Klein wrote:
> The existing writer then found out that the newbie was on a higher salary.
> He raised this with his manager and MD and was semi-placated - newbie
> wasn't legible for company benefits, pension, Profit Related Pay (PRP)
> Scheme etc. He was told that it would all be sorted out in the next round
> of pay negotiations. These are now due and no mention has been made yet by
> either party.
> He is currently waiting to see what happens - he cannot really leave until
> the current PRP scheme matures (worth quite a bit of money as the company
> has been doing well for the last few years).

I think Anonymous answered his own question. He can't really leave, so
he's got to stay and make the best of it. Which may suck, but life's
that way sometimes. Each person negotiates his or her own deal with
management, so it's not really relevant what the other guy is paid.
Realistically however, I'd be steamed if I were in that position.

The only thing to do is to try to deal with this tactfully. If you like
the job, concentrate on the joy and satisfaction it brings you. Consider
that the other person got lucky. Then (tactfully, of course) try to
create some luck of your own in negotiating with management. But as long
as you really can't leave, you don't have tons of leverage.

Chris Hamilton, Sr. Technical Writer chamilton -at- gr -dot- com
Greenbrier & Russel
These views are mine, not my employer's.

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