Re: More problems with equity

Subject: Re: More problems with equity
From: Barry Kieffer <barry -dot- kieffer -at- EXGATE -dot- TEK -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 14:45:24 -0800

Anonymous wrote:

> I recently received a very good performance review and a
> reclassification
> to Senior Technical Writer. For this I expected a significant raise in
> salary. I was given a 5.26% raise, only slightly more than I got last
> year,
> when my salary was boosted by 5% and I received no reclassification .
> This pittance of a raise seems completely unfair and out of line with
> the
> performance review and reclassification I received. What, in your
> experience, would a fair raise have been in this circumstance? For
> background, I have been with the company just over 2 years, have about
> 5
> years of tech writing experience, and am completing an MA in English
> with a
> tech writing concentration.
Hey Anon, a good performance review, a reclassification, and a
5.26% raise ain't bad.

I would never consider 5.26 a pittance (unless you are earning

> In addition, I hear tell of bonuses being paid to programmers and
> others at
> my company that far, far exceed what I was given, in some cases by
> nearly
> a factor of four. In your collective experience, is it common for tech
> writers to be remunerated so poorly in relation to other workers, such
> as
> programmers and engineers?
Ah, perceived worth...

In some companies technical writers are perceived as
secretaries. As one engineer at Intel once told me:
"anyone can write."

If you are in California, and you are as good as your boss
thinks you are by them writing a very good performance review, you know
your options. If you are unhappy now, it will only get worse.

Make a copy of your very good performance review and go

May the highest bidder win!

ALWAYS, ALWAYS believe in yourself.

> Any input and opinion from those more experienced than I would be
> greatly
> appreciated. Thanks much.
> - anonymous in California
Best of luck,


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