Spacing between Sentences

Subject: Spacing between Sentences
From: John Renish <John_F_Renish -at- NOTES -dot- SEAGATE -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 12:45:37 -0800

Mark Halpern wrote:

Since I am in disgrace, I hesitate -- for fear of giving it the kiss of
death -- to champion any notion, but I am going to take a chance this time,
and second Mark Levinson on the subject of inter-sentence spacing. He has
quixotically defended the double space; allow me to add Sancho's two
[an argument against is that] ... a double space at the end of a sentence
... could, if you're not careful, result in unsightly "rivers" of space
running down the page. The answer, as my master the Don has hinted, is to
be careful. Given that, the only reason for opposing the double space

While I bow to nobody in my respect for Mark (who is a sterling character
and companionable bon vivant to those of us privileged to know him), he's
wrong. The best reason not to use two spaces is that some of the more
sophisticated software requires you to stand on your head while gargling
peanut butter and whistling Dixie to put more space following punctuation
than it deems appropriate. The next best reason is that proportional fonts
make extra spaces unnecessary; i.e., that single spaces are more elegant in
the engineering sense. And a third good reason is that single spaces save
labor and therefore increase productivity. Finally, why take the trouble to
"be careful" to avoid rivers when single-spacing prevents their
occurrence?--an ounce of prevention, as it were.

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